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Mar 13, 2014 at 1:12 AM
I would like to thank you for the very complete and comprehensive grammar file you produced. I am using it as the base for an updated version of my Expression Evaluator (

Also, I'm not well versed in Antlr, but is it possible to insert a token and re-parse somehow? Suppose I have a string "data.Foo()" and when I parse it, data is read as an Identifier. I have a logic that says if the identifier is not found in some list, then it should backtrack and insert a scope object i.e. "". I have tried using TokenRewriteStream and rewinding, but parser.expression() simply returns. I've tried checking the stream index and reparsing, but the tokens don't seem to have been inserted.

I know it's Antlr-runtime specific, but I hope you could help me there.

Again, thanks very much!